About Roy B. Stoller, D.O. – Hair Restoration Expert

Roy Stoller, D.O.
Roy Stoller, D.O.

In 2014, New York City Hair Restoration Doctor Roy B. Stoller, D.O. received the honor of being ranked in the top one percent of doctors in the Vitals “Top Doctors” list. This distinction came as no surprise to those who work with, learn from, and have been treated by Dr. Stoller.

An experienced physician who has been working in the field of Hair Restoration for nearly three decades, Roy Stoller, D.O. is board certified in plastic surgery and otolaryngology.

Dr. Stoller is a member of the International Society for Hair Restoration Surgery and a Fellow in the American Academy of Cosmetic Surgery.

Accomplishments and Achievements of Roy B. Stoller, D.O.

  • Hosted a workshop on FUE for the International Society for Hair Restoration.
  • Hosted a live workshop on the basics on patient anesthesia
  • Taught a workshop on recipient sites for Hair Restoration 360
  • Lead teacher and the first American physician to be invited to present a lecture on comprehensive hair restoration at the Columbian Association of Cosmetic Surgery
  • Member of the Ethics Committee for the Society of Hair Restoration Surgery
  • Director of the first surgical hair restoration fellowship at Southampton Hospital in New York
  • First New York City Hair Restoration Doctor to use the ARTAS robotic system

Roy B. Stoller, D.O. opened the Madison Avenue clinic that bears his name after serving for 25 years as the medical director at prestigious New York City Hair Restoration clinics. As a well-known teacher and researcher in the field of Surgical Hair Restoration, Dr. Stoller stays one step ahead of technology to ensure that he can offer his patients the latest and best techniques for hair re-growth. He offers hair transplants and eyebrow restoration for men and women as well as beard, mustache, and sideburn restoration for men. You can learn more about each individual procedure by requesting an initial consultation in his New York City Office.

Hair Restoration Consultations with Dr. Roy Stoller

Due to popular demand, you should plan to schedule your initial consultation with Dr. Stoller three to four weeks in advance of when you would like to meet with him. Dr. Stoller meets with prospective new patients himself in an effort to really understand the unique needs of each individual and recommend the best possible hair restoration solution for their needs. He understands that you will have a lot of questions and he wants to be the one to answer them. All sessions are conducted in his personal office to ensure your privacy.

After providing detailed answers to your inquiries, Dr. Stoller completes a personalized and comprehensive hair analysis. He will ask you several questions about your hair loss history to determine its cause as well as predict future hair loss patterns. This aids him in planning and recommending the appropriate hair restoration procedure for your unique circumstances. Dr. Stoller also completes an examination of your scalp and hair to determine the current health of the follicles. Lastly, Dr. Stoller shows computer generated photos of what you can expect your hair to look like after completing treatment.

A Guide to Hair Grafts

Every hair graft contains hair follicles with genetic material that enables it to resist balding. For most people, these grafts are present on the back and sides of the scalp. Hair follicles each contain between one and four individual hairs. Roy B. Stoller, D.O. transfers grafts in their entirety to ensure a completely natural look. The purpose of transferring whole grafts is to mimic the density and pattern of your remaining hair while providing new coverage at the same time.

Dr. Stoller uses the Norwood Classification System to determine how many hair grafts to extract from the back of your scalp. This can be as little as 500 or as many as 3,300 depending on degree of baldness. You may need to come in for more than one session if your number is at the higher end. Roy Stoller, D.O. will advise you on the expected length of your surgical procedure if you opt for FUE or FUT. He will also let you know exactly what to expect with any non-surgical hair restoration process. Please call to schedule your consultation today.

To learn more about Roy B. Stoller, D.O. and to schedule your Hair Restoration Consultation, contact his New York City, New York office today.